Investor Opportunity

You don't need the last name Murdoch, Spielberg or Warner to make money as a movie investor. New ways for regular investors to participate in the billion dollar industry of movies are evolving.

Most investors are comfortable with stocks and bonds in their portfolios, with perhaps a dose of options or commodities for the more adventurous. But now, thanks in part to disillusionment with traditional investments, some investors are itching for a piece of the red carpet and a helping of Hollywood glitz.

Even though stock and credit markets have recently come back from what seemed like a near-death experience, the crash inflicted emotional scars and losses, leading some investors to wonder if there might be other places to put their money, places that might be more fulfilling, and certainly offer higher potential returns.

Big box-office hits such as Avatar, coupled with the introduction of new ways to invest in movies, is making the idea of financing the big screen more appealing to some mainstream investors who wouldn't have considered it before.

"It's a lot more fun than other investments," says John Case, 61, who invested nearly $50,000 making a movie called Raul about a 75-year-old man who competed in an international athletic competition. "You can make money with the right project," he says.

Another distinct advantage of film investing is potential state and federal tax breaks that can benefit the investor.  In order to obtain more information or to learn how you can get involved in a film project with Maine Coon Films, while gaining the tax and other benefits, please send an e-mail at

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